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In four weeks to a low waste lifestyle

Hello beautiful beings, today I have something for all eco friendly people out there! Since I’m living (almost) plastic free for over a half year now I created a four weeks step by step guide to help you reduce plastic. If you don’t like to read my introduction just click the button to get straight to the four weeks guide 🙂 Have fun!

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We all know this one vegan person that always tries to convince people to go vegan too. Probably we know someone personally or over social media but for sure there are some of these vegans around. And yes changing to a vegan lifestyle would save the world from a lot pain, not even a question. But what is this vegan protein powder, vegan face masks, vegan mayo or plant based milk wrapped in? – Yep plastic. And what does plastic do to all these creatures on our planet? It kills birds, sea turtles, baby fishes and what else. But hey – you don’t eat the meat that kills animals and our environment but you buy things wrapped in plastic that does the same to our earth. If you’re vegan and reading this right now, please don’t get me wrong. Changing your lifestyle was such a selfless act and I hope you don’t only did this as a status symbol.

But this post is not about being vegan or not. It’s about plastic, so let’s get deeper into this whole no/low waste lifestyle.

Do you know how many times a day you throw plastic in the bin? Do you know what happens to the waste? And for how long it stays on the earth? And how many animals, humans and basically our whole environment is affected of this small plastic waste during it’s time on the earth? 

Over a half year ago me and Rico tried out the challenge „Living plastic free for one week“ and we did everything wrong that you could probably do wrong. I really believe that the chance when people fail this hardcore plastic disclaimer week the chance that they keep trying living plastic free is really low. Reducing plastic completely is close to impossible. (I mean even my water boiler is out of plastic) But reducing it to almost 80% is easier than you might think. It is a challenge and it need a little more organization but it is possible. 

So that you don’t fail doing one of these hardcore „from now on no plastic for me anymore“ weeks I’ll created a 4 weeks guide to reduce plastic step by step. Basically it’s all about focussing on these two really important things: 

Checklists are your new best friend. Learning something new always means diving into a new situation step by step. If you wanna have a positiv result you need to invest time. Rushing into something new brings rarely the positive result you imagined.

Checklists help you to focus on different actions step by step. And also marking them as „done“ gives us a boost of motivation. So checklists are your new besties when it comes to following new behaviors. I’ve created checklists for every week to help you challenge yourself a little more day by day.

We all know these two guys sitting on our shoulders. Let me introduce: Angle and Devil.

Devil: „Go ahead and buy the chocolate wrapped in plastic. You know you need that right know. One for you and one for the ocean. Who cares?!“

Angle: „Are you serious? You can just make your own brownies if you really need that sugar. The world needs your support!“

Conversations like this (even if they’re only in our head) are parts of our daily life. Is it Angle or Devil that you’re listening to? The 4 weeks guide helps you to train your self-control.

Click the button to download my four weeks step by step guide to reduce plastic.  The download is completely free. In case you have any questions just leave a comment or click on the contact button. I’m always here to help you!



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