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Me and Rico went out for a little (3 or 4 hours) walk outside. It wasn’t so warm for such a long time over here in south Germany and we had to go outside to enjoy the sun again.

Of corse we took the camera with us, and you’ll find all the pics from today in our photoshoots 🙂

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What do you enjoy the most about being outside?

My favorite thing to do when I go for a walk is taking books with me (or something to draw and paint or a notebook to write down by thoughts). Whenever I’m outside I love to practice self reflection but this is another topic. Let’s head back to the books.  Nothing feels better than being surrounded by mother earth and just reading a book while you listen to all these sounds. Trust me this is like a sound therapy for your soul! 

“You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in.  You are what you take from these.  You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner.  You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life.  You are every single day.  So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence.  Let the words run through your veins and let the colours fill your mind.”

–  Jac Vanek 


We’re so much more than the books we read but for sure they somehow affect us. I really fell in love with the last two books I’ve read so I thought I should share these with you! 

The fist one is about Ayurveda. For everyone who never heard about that, Ayurveda the traditional Hindu system of medicine. Translated the word Ayurveda means knowledge of life and it’s all about healing processes for body mind and soul. It’s about understanding your own body and why you feel how you feel. 

It comes with suggestions for a balanced diet, tipps for self massages, breathing and yoga therapy and it helps you finding a daily routine that fits to you. 

I think it’s really important to not only accept that you feel how you feel but to request it. WHY does your stomach hurts from time to time or why do you can’t sleep bevor 11pm? It all has a reason, it all comes from somewhere. And your body is just trying to talk to you using different symptoms. Personal growth and learning comes with consciousness. Consciousness is always step number one. 



Kiran Rami

Die Kuh, die weinte

Ajahn Brahm

The second one is about living a peaceful life. It’s filled with around 200 Stories out of the life of an buddhist monk that he collected over 30 years. Some of them are sad, some are funny but they all have a deeper meaning and it helps you to request your own behavior. 

The stories are only between one or three pages long so you can easily grab the book and read a story when you have some time. 

Do you have a book recommendation? Go ahead and write your recs down in the comments! I’m always looking for new books to read. My recent obsession is about essential oils.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!



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