last Friday night

Don’t get me wrong, I do love all seasons of the year but spring has a special glow.If you would spread out the different seasons of the year into one random 9 to 5 week then winter would be Monday to Friday – sometimes really fun, but in its full length kinda stressful.Summer would be the weekend – long awaited, sometimes a little boring because your friends are probably not around and somehow always to short. AND spring would be the Friday night – you waited for this moment for so long and it’s finally there.And what do we love the most about a Friday night? That it’s the break of the winter (even for a short time) . So let me tell you about the last Friday night.

I’m 100% sure that when we finally feel the warm touch of the sunlight on our skin again it does something with our brain. Only in the first week of spring we do more „summer“ activities than we do in the whole summer. (ok probably a little overstated) But we all know these conversations: „Hey It’s finally warmer outside, who’s ready for barbecue ?!“ And so after this afternoon days with barbecue, long walks outside, picnics, sunbaths, bike rides, long evenings on the balcony or whatever are beginning to sprout out of nowhere like flowers out of the ground. You could call it human escalation powered by the aspirations of summer.

I hope you find a way to feel this special Friday night feeling in as many situations of life as possible. Imagine how beautiful our world could be. 



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