Our plan is to bring more consciousness about our environment and how we handle it to the people out there.


We focus especially on eco friendly brands to help them reach a higher community with equal content for their social media platforms. 

giving back

For every work with a non eco focused brand we donate to earth projects. You can help us to choose the projects on Instagram. 


We believe that it is never to late to do something good. If your looking for a way to show your message, products or ideas to the world we help you with individual concepts for film and photography. We work close together with our clients to understand all the deeps of their vision to create content that represents the brand in it’s best way. 

If you’re not an eco focused brand but still want to work with an agency that cares about you and the place we all call home we’re here for you. For every project with non eco focused brands we donate to different earth projects. On our Instagram account we always share whenever we’re shooting a project with one of these brands to give our followers the opportunity to help us choose the projects.   

„You must be the change you want to see in the world.“  -Gandhi

ABOUT the founders

Hey, I’m Rico the filmmaker of KIWIVISIONS! When it comes to action sport I’m always ready to go. Surfing, cat sailing, diving, snowboarding.. I love being surrounded by the power of earth and challenging myself to the next level. But especially when you spend a lot time in the ocean you realize the hugeness of the human footprint. Diving without seeing any fishes under water isn’t diving anymore. Diving is about ‚diving‘ into the underwater world as a silent observer. But seeing the exact different, that we humans destroyed all the beauty that lived down there is so damn sad.

We asked each other to describe the other one in 4 words :

open minded RELIABLE andventurous caring

ABOUT the founders

Aloha, I’m Rebecca the creative director of KIWIVISIONS. I was born and grew up on a german island what is probably the reason why I feel so home on the beach. My life is complete when I can wear Flipflops wherever I want. As a kid I spent a lot of time with animals outside and I still feel more connected to earth and animals than to humans some time. Also creativity was always a huge part of my life and I’m really happy that I found a way to connect art with the passion to support what I love.  

We asked each other to describe the other one in 4 words :

focused travel addicted yoga lover kind



Yes of corse Kiwi is a fruit, but also it is the hawaiian word for television. It was mind-blowing when we figured out that there is a word that combinates the earth, the hawaiian culture and technology all in one. The earth is what we care about, the hawaiian lifestyle is pretty much our favorite and through a digital medium we create and share our art. Couldn’t think of a better name!